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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 44 billion

Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 44 billion

NEW YORK (NNI) - Twitter has confirmed the sale of the company to billionaire businessman Elon Musk in a deal worth 44 44 billion. Democracy is the foundation and Twitter is the cornerstone of the digital city where important issues for the future of humanity are discussed. Elon Musk had earlier this month bought a large stake in the firm. About .5 46.5 billion last week to increase.

According to the statement, Twitter Chairman Brett Taylor said that after reviewing Nylon's proposal, the company has acted thoughtfully and focused on value, trust and financial support. "The proposed deal will provide cash flow and we believe this is the best way forward for Twitter's shareholders," he said. The buyout campaign raised concerns that his unexpected statements and alleged bullying were in stark contrast to his stated goals for the fraudulent platform. Was the owner and he owned the largest individual shares. The billionaire, driven by the success of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, has come up with a number of suggestions for changes to Twitter's business model. Musk has regularly challenged controversies on the social media platform. He has also been held responsible and stressed the need to root out cryptocurrency scams as there is a lot of fuss on this social media platform. It should be noted that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is a friend of Elon Musk.

ISLAMABAD: The Meteorological Department has said that there will be 2 lunar and 2 solar eclipses during the year 2022, however, only the last lunar eclipse will be partially visible in Pakistan. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be 2 lunar and 2 solar eclipses during the year 2022. However, only the last lunar eclipse of the year will be visible in Pakistan, while the solar eclipse will not be visible in any city of Pakistan. Says the first full moon eclipse of the year will be on May 16, not visible in Pakistan.

Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 44 billion

The second lunar eclipse of the new year will be on 25th October, will not be visible in Pakistan, the last lunar eclipse of the year will be on 8th November, which will also be visible in Pakistan emotionally. Also seen in North America, South America and Eastern Europe.

Riyadh (NNI) Saudi Arabia enacted an anti-harassment law in 2018 under which various emojis were found to be harassing. Al-Muwatz Qutbi, a member of the Saudi Anti-Fraud Association, said that sending the emojis to the app could result in imprisonment for two to five years and up to 100,000 Saudis, if found guilty. Rials (approximately Rs. 46 lakhs) can be fined together. He said that sending heart emoji on WhatsApp is a crime of harassment and use of some pictures and impressions during online chats is also a complaint of the affected party. He warned users of messaging apps to refrain from chatting or inappropriate conversations with any user without their consent and to use inappropriate impressions or red heart emojis. Don't do that. He said that under the anti-harassment system, there are seven types of physical harassment He also said that the use of modern technology including emojis such as red heart, red rose etc. falls under the category of harassment. And / or 2 years imprisonment. If repeated, imprisonment for up to 5 years and a fine of up to 300,000 Saudi riyals may be imposed together.

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