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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Malnutrition, a problem that needs attention

Malnutrition, a problem that needs attention

Man has made it easy for people in the world by making modern inventions and the same innovation has also made man comfortable, new experiments and inventions are emerging, on the one hand scientific progress is going on and on the other hand man is eating his own food. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya. In this regard, developed nations are planning how to meet the problem of pure food and malnutrition. Pakistan is a country in the world that is natural.

Rich in blessings, we have all kinds of seasons due to which we can grow all kinds of crops, our lands are fertile, most of the areas have canal system, areas which do not have canal system now people have tube Well, despite all these resources, there is unfortunately a shortage of food which is a point of concern for us. Pakistan is an agricultural country yet a large part of the population is deprived of food. According to a UNICEF survey, Pakistan is the eighth largest producer of wheat in the world, tenth largest producer of rice, fifth largest producer of sugarcane and fourth largest producer of milk. But sadly, despite all this, Pakistan tops the list of countries where malnutrition is on the rise. Children and youth in Pakistan are most affected by malnutrition.

A large number of women are also affected by malnutrition. Malnutrition is now a serious issue in our country. Our social attitudes and negative habits are also playing an important role in malnutrition. We ignore the useful advice of medical experts and ignore it. Poverty in Pakistan is increasing day by day and it is because of this poverty that people hardly get two meals a day. The acquisition of this two-time bread has gripped today's man so tightly that life just revolves around him. Poverty, hunger, deprivation deprive man of his right to live. It is a bitter truth that in developing countries like ours, it is bread that has made man so confused that he spends his days and nights thinking only about bread.

A balanced diet to live a healthy life. This includes eggs, milk, meat, vegetables and fruits. Lack or excess of any food causes problems for us, which leads to deficiency or excess of vitamins and further complications for the human body. In the society, the health of the child is considered as the safe future of the nation. Due to malnutrition in our country, most of the children are suffering from weight and anemia. Most of these children are from Sindh and Balochistan.

Malnutrition, a problem that needs attention

Fifty percent of young women suffer from anemia, medical experts say. More than 60 percent of children and women in Pakistan are deficient in blood, steel, protein, vitamin A and other substances. Weakens the immune system in older children. Steel is a mineral and is needed by the human body to make hemoglobin. The red germs of hemoglobin carry oxygen to the body. When iron is deficient, the body cells do not get enough oxygen. As human beings begin to weaken, the importance of food and nutrition in newborns and infants cannot be underestimated.

Health experts say that many health problems in Pakistan are directly related to the diet of mother and newborn. Yes, when a mother stops breastfeeding her baby, she is constantly getting infected. Malnutrition affects everyone, children with severity look different, they are slow, inactive, depressed and weak, their development is affected and their muscles and tendons are weak.

If malnutrition persists, gums become swollen and teeth fall out, organs are affected, and heart disease can develop, especially at an early age. Malnutrition does not lead to brain growth and lowers the child's IQ. The effects can last a lifetime and last until puberty, all due to iron deficiency. Researchers at the University of Macy's in New Zealand have introduced the Iron Plus, which contains iron and milk, after research. Yes, it is a balanced combination of iron and natural milk, it is expected to have a very positive effect on the development of children.

What is Iron Plus? Let's say that bovine (natural milk) contains phosphate and a protein called casein, these two important components, both of which form a positive combination with iron and the color and taste of milk. There is no change or negative reaction in me either. The use of Iron Plus in children not only alleviates the fears of iron deficiency in them but also helps in their physical and mental development. It is easily digested. Iron supplements should not be given with milk or anything made from milk. Iron-containing formulas or cereals, wheat cream, porridge, and iron supplements. Breakfast cereals, beans, lentils, lentils, cooked beans (inside cans), oven-baked potatoes (including peels), dried fruits, dried apricots, dried figs, fruits, prawn juice, high quality pasta, High quality rice, hard tofu, gar syrup, black stripe, broccoli, spinach etc. Iron is also found in animal and plant foods. Iron obtained from animals is called hemi iron, while iron obtained from plants is called non-hemi iron. As far as the human body is concerned, it has the ability to absorb heme iron better than non-heme iron. If you want to avoid diseases and problems, make balanced diet as well as exercise a part of your life. Take it. Mentally and physically strong society is the foundation of a powerful country and a brave and strong nation and it is because of good intelligence that human beings are being conquered today and new experiences and new inventions are taking place. Good health is the key to a good mind. Pakistanis are also second to none in terms of intelligence but if we want to develop further and become a strong nation then it is very important to have mental and physical health otherwise we will be left behind in the world.

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