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Sunday, May 8, 2022

We have to think beyond personal likes and dislikes prosperity of the country,


We have to think beyond personal likes and dislikes prosperity of the country,

Lahore (NNI): Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that for the development and prosperity of the country and the nation, one has to think beyond personal likes and dislikes. KLI has been sacrificed for the sake of politics. If it fixes its qiblah even today and focuses on the welfare, development and prosperity of the people, then personal matters will be suppressed but it will have to make a big heart, said Saleem Memorial in Lahore. Hospital-style in all four provinces.

Major Points Follow by the Government

Hospitals should be established and it is hoped that practical efforts will be made for this. He expressed these views while addressing a function on the occasion of inauguration of the state-of-the-art Saleem Memorial Hospital in Lahore. Earlier, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was given a detailed briefing on various aspects of the hospital Informed about CT scan facilities. The Prime Minister also visited the Cancer Ward of the hospital where treatment was provided by state-of-the-art machinery and constant availability of professional staff. Shahbaz Sharif was informed by the management that world class treatment facility would be available in the hospital. The state-of-the-art hospital will provide free treatment to deserving patients, treatment of various diseases including OPD, cancer, heart diseases. The management and especially the dignitaries who generously donated for the establishment of this hospital from their halal food are the shining stars of this wonderful event. Shehzad Saleem, his family, husband and benefactors worked hard day and night to complete this hospital and through this initiative he has earned paradise for himself in this world and in the hereafter and when this hospital will serve the suffering humanity then his Prayers will go for the benefit of all people. The late father of Shahzad Saleem had also established an educational institution. You have done a great service and your father, you and your family will be remembered for the rest of the world. But billions of rupees have been invested and I have the same heartfelt desire then and today to make it an institution of quality treatment for the poor across the country without any discrimination. The hospital was supposed to provide free kidney and liver treatment to the poor and under its umbrella, hepatitis filter clinics were set up. Dr. Saeed Akhtar worked hard to make this hospital functional. Brought to Pakistan. The money of poor nation was spent on this hospital. Everybody knows the national income, the provinces have to pay interest on the debts from what is left after the distributable revenue from the federation, then there are defense expenses, then after that the debt is debt. Liver and kidney transplant from Rs 20 billion. Hospital was built and the best minds from all over the world came here but if they are chased away then who is at a loss? ۔ This project was sacrificed for the sake of politics and dirty politics and for two years this hospital went into cold storage. Now tell me what could be bigger and more cruel to the poor nation. Pervez Elahi's 1122 project was going on which was a very good plan that is why we spread it all over Punjab because it was not Pervez Elahi but the plan of welfare of common man. "Even today, if we fix our qiblah and focus on the welfare and prosperity of the people, personal matters will be suppressed, but it will have to have a big heart, personal likes and dislikes will have to be put aside," he said. The charity is going on, the organizers did not take any money or land from any government for this. Mian Mansha Sahib has done a lot of service to Pakistan. I request him to build similar hospitals in other provinces. And people will respect you more and will always remember you.

We have to think beyond personal likes and dislikes prosperity of the country,

The first session of the National Assembly will be held on Monday after the formation of a coalition government led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. According to media reports, according to an official announcement made by the National Assembly Secretariat, President Arif Alvi has convened a meeting of the lower house under Article 54 (1) of the Constitution on Monday at 4 pm. Has issued a summons, sources said.

The meeting is likely to begin with the Speaker confirming the resignations of the PTI members of the National Assembly for which he will call the resigned members individually or in groups to his chamber during the meeting. About two dozen members of the National Assembly from the ruling party have already approached the speaker who wants to meet to clarify their position. Sources in the National Assembly Secretariat confirmed that Most of the resignations submitted by the party have not been handwritten and all have the same content written on the letterhead of the party. The decision to resign from the National Assembly was taken at a meeting of the PTI Parliamentary Committee chaired by Imran Khan and the decision was announced by the party before the election of the Prime Minister in the House on April 11. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Vice Chairman of the party Former Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, who was serving, immediately accepted the resignation and directed the Secretariat to issue a statement. The National Assembly has resigned from its seats by handing over its resignation letter to the Speaker. On the other hand, another challenge facing Raja Pervez Ashraf is the appointment of the opposition. According to sources, Noor Alam Khan and Raja Riaz are the only candidates for the post who have already submitted their applications to the Speaker with the signatures of their colleagues. The resignations of PTI members and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Parliament has become almost inactive due to incomplete committees since the formation of the new cabinet. The TI is incomplete due to the resignation of the legislators or the inclusion of their chairmen in the federal cabinet. The important committees without a chairman include the most powerful Public Accounts Committee as well as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Parliamentary Committees on Kashmir. In addition, the heads of the Standing Committees on Finance and Revenue of both the Houses of Parliament are not present. This is known as extension of because all the legislative and important issues that come up in the houses are referred to the relevant committees for full discussion. After which both the houses Members of the House vote on the bill. Standing committees are formed on the basis of the party's position in any House and because the PTI was the ruling party, it had the highest representation in all the committees of the National Assembly. Following the resignations of the PTI members, the other committees of the National Assembly without chairmen are: Aviation, Interior, Climate Change, Defense, Information and Broadcasting, Economic Affairs, Energy, Foreign Affairs, Housing and Works, Information Technology and Telecom. Committees on Communications, Planning, States and Border Areas. On April 30, the Speaker wrote letters to the parliamentary leaders of all parties, including PTI Chairman Imran Khan, asking them to form a parliamentary committee on electoral reform. It was asked to forward its nominations, but given the current political situation, it is unlikely that the PTI will send nomination papers.

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