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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Pak Army FWO Pioneer Sipahi Jobs 2021: Apply Now!

Application by September 16, 2021. Otherwise, your application will not be processed.

No AT / DA suitable.

Only shortlisted candidates are invited to the interview / test.

The original documents must be brought to the interview.

An incomplete application or an application with incorrect information will be rejected.

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Selection Criteria for Pak Army Army Pioneer Sipahi Works in 2021:

Age: 17 years 6 months to 28 years (December 31, 2021)

Height: At least 5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm)

Breasts: at least 78 to 83 cm

Education: secondary or admission

The registration process works for Pak Army FWO Pioneer Sipahi 2021?

Recruitment will take place from 14 to 16 September 2021.

This selection is made at the Engineering Center of the Risalpur Personnel Selection Office.

Applicants can run to the mandatory selection center with all the documents required for registration.

Personnel selection process:

Recording and physical examination

Intelligence test

Final medical examination (only those who have passed the intelligence examination will be called for the final medical examination)

Apply for the last seats in September

Application time

The application deadline for Pak Amy FWO Pioneer Sipahi 2021 is September 16, 2021.

Pak Army FWO Pioneer Sipahi Jobs 2021: Apply Now!

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