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Monday, July 12, 2021

Latest Call Centre Jobs in Pakistan

Latest Call Centre Jobs in Pakistan

Here you find the latest call centre jobs in Pakistan, we share call centre jobs from all over the Pakistan, you can easily apply on these jobs by clicking the link below in this article.  

Call Center Jobs in Pakistan

There are lots of call centre operating in Pakistan, many of these call centres operates in night. The jobs in these call centres is to make foreigh clients for their products, They sell different product which include, CCTV Camera, Laptops, Generators, AC etc

Zong call center Jobs in Rawalpindi

In Zong call centre, the job description is to attend the customs and calls and facilitates, the customers calls to find the different internet packages, mobiles bundles, data packages, subscription of packages and un subscription of packages, also customers want to know about the detail of your bundles packages.  

Call Center Jobs salary in Pakistan

The call centres salaries depend upon the nature of product they sell, In begging the call centres offers you to pay only 15 thousand to 20 thousand + bonus, Initially your work is only to make calls in foreign countries , when you dial different numbers and if some one picks the call you must play auto generated voice clip which provide the full detail of the product and company and if customers wants more details you responsibility is to transfer the call to the focal person, if deal is done via you calls you will get the commission.  

Urdu call center jobs in Islamabad

There are lots of call centre in Islamabad which operate in Urdu, A lot of Muslim families were settled in United Kingdom, USA and other countries. Where they could not found  Islamic Teacher for their Children who can teach Quran and Islamic Education, so they wants that some one give the knowledge of Islam and Quran to Their children therefore Urdu call centres are make where lots of Hafiz Quran perform their duties and give Islamic knowledge to those children who lived in foreign countries.

Urdu Call Center jobs in Lahore

Call Center Jobs Islamabad

Call Center Jobs in Lahore 2021

Ufone call center jobs


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