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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Join Pak Army as Officer Latest 2021

Officer Jobs in Pak Army

Required Education:

Candidates holding one of the following BS / BE / MSc / MS certificates

    Software Engineer


    Computer development

    Engineering system

    Information Technology

    Data protection

    Internet security

    GIS and focusing nebula

    Geoinformatics / geomatics

For more information on joining the Pakistani army as captain in 2021:

At least 16 PEC / HEC recognized institutions in formal education (BS / BE) packages / abroad with a CGPA of 2.5 more than 4.0 or at least 62.5% of the annual system marks. In the case of a foreign area, an equivalent HEC certificate must be issued.

There are no Part 3 / D degrees and only Part 2 / C degrees during academic professions.


Candidates must have completed a 4-year engineering certificate in the above disciplines, independently of the master's / master's degree.

Candidates have just graduated from HEC / PEC accredited universities or PEC accredited foreign universities.

Preference will be given to candidates with a master's / master's certificate and 2-3 years of professional experience.

Candidates with special qualifications may participate even if they have been rejected twice by the ISSB for a PMA / Master's degree or equivalent in a maritime / PAF course.

A candidate who has previously been denied PMA / equivalent courses and who has once been denied access to the post office may use the additional option only for postgraduate courses.

Physical levels: -

(1) Minimum height - 5 '- 4 "(162.5 cm)

(2) Weight - by body mass index (BMI)

Registration plan / preliminary tests.

Registration 2021 July 17-4 (Including Saturday / Sunday)

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The tests are performed according to the following schedule:

Preliminary tester in 2021 July 18-23

Intelligence / academic exam. Competency / level competency tests based on multiple-choice questions are performed on the AS and RC computer date during the registration process.

Preliminary medical examination. Candidates will take the AS and RC medical exam.

Physical exam. Candidates must pass the following physical tests:

(1) 1.6 km run - 9 minutes.

(2) Press Ups - 10 repeat for 2 minutes.

(3) Class - 10 exercises for 2 minutes.

(4) Chin Raises - 2 repeat for 2 minutes.

More options Join Army Pak as captain in 2021

Only selected candidates are invited for ISB tests / interviews through the website and invitation forms. Recommended candidates for the ISSB are invited for an interview with the GHQ Selection Committee in Rawalpindi. No TA / DA acceptable. Selected candidates

from the GHQ Selection Committee will conduct a thorough medical examination at various CMHs, taking into account the wishes of the candidates. The final selection is made by the GHQ based on the overall results of the candidates.

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The nearest military selection and recruitment centers

Email questions Mail:

ISSB call

Join Pak Army as Officer Latest 2021

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