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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Irrigation Department Jobs Latest 2021

Irrigation Department jobs Latest 2021

Irrigation section Gujranwala Recent activity provides 2021. Recent work provides Gujranwala. Job vacancy at Khanki Gujranwala, final employment, license, education, expected salary, minimum leave, exam date, degree, Challan salary and full promotion. The Gujranwala Bank Department has announced a number of new and innovative projects and has more details. The work of the Gujranwala Bank Irrigation Unit is being provided in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Register for the new state of Gujranwala government before I.E. H. Phuptjane 25, 2021.

Recent work Gujranwala VACANCE DETAILS





Baildar Rules

Pump instructions

Green entrepreneurs


Khanki Gujranwala Irrigation Division New Vacancies / Jobs 2021 | How to register

There are (08) different jobs / vacancies in the Irrigation Section of Gujranwala Bank.

Applications must be submitted with a cover letter, identity card, dual photo IDs, certified copies of all academic documents, certificates and duties.

Applications may be submitted to the Executive Engineering Division of East Gujranwala LLC by registered letter or TC by the deadline of 25 June 2021.

Read full details about the workplace, such as career goals, job description, experience and qualifications, requirements, etc.

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Irrigation Department Jobs Latest 2021

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