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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Emergency Rescue 1122 Jobs Latest 2021

1122 rescue operations of the CPC emergency services in 2021

The CPC Rescue Assistance is a new rescue operation published by the Government Department in 1122 in 2021. Publication of the LCP. This job posting information can be linked to rescuers 1122 needed to perform the necessary emergency rescue operations 1122 CPC, for example, computer operator (BPS-16), transport inspector (BPS-14 ), audio / video). Operator (BPS-14), Chief Rescue Firefighter (BPS-12), Emergency Medical Technician (BPS-12), Wireless Technician (BPS-1), Electrical Technician (BPS-11), Firefighter Rescue (BPS-11) ), Disaster Rescuers (BPS-11), Diver (BPS-11), Heavy Machinery Assistants (BPS-05), LTV Divers (BPS-06), Plumber (BPS-06), Office Clerk (BPS-03) , Mali (BPS) -03), Barbora (BPS-03), Guard (BPS-03), Naibas Kasid (BPS-03), Cleaner (BPS-03)).

Emergency Rescue 1122 KPK Runs 2021 Last Ad

Jobs at 1122 jobs in 2021. With CFR scales:

Computer Operator (BPS-16)

Transport Supervision Inspector (BPS-14)

Media Operator (BPS-14)

Firefighter lifeguard (BPS-12)

Emergency Medical Technician (BPS-12)

Wireless Technician (BPS-1)

Electrical Engineer (BPS-11)

Lifeguard for firefighters (BPS-11)

Disaster Rescuers (BPS-11)

Naras (BPS-11)

Heavy Machinery Aids (BPS-05)

NVT diver (BPS-06)

Plumber (BPS-06)

Office Satellite (BPS-03)

Small (BPS-03)

Barbor (BPS-03)

Security Officer (BPS-03)

Naibas Cassidas (BPS-03)

Cleaning machine (BPS-03)

How to apply for rescue works 1122 KPK:

Interested candidates for men and women can apply for the online application form at www.etea.edu.pk.

After filling in the application form, pay the fee for handling the bank UBL.

The deadline for submitting a job application for Rescue 1122 KPK Jobs is 2021. July 15

The candidate clearly states the position for which he / she is applying on the application form.

Employees of the state administration. / Semi-government / Autonomous body / corporations will contact the appropriate channel.

Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted.

No TA / YES will be acceptable when a written test and interview is required.

Emergency Rescue 1122 Jobs Latest 2021

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