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Friday, May 14, 2021

Ministry of Water Resources Moore Islamabad

Ministry of Water Resources Moore Islamabad

Public Sector of Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Water Resources Moore Islamabad, Water Resources Special Ists, Product Special Ists, Project Review Special Erts, Financial Management Special Erts, Procurement Special Erts, M&E Experts, Intermediate Specialists, Special ert Special ers Managers, Program Managers, Program Managers, Water Resources, Financial Management Program Manager, Purchasing Program Officer, Project Evaluation Program Manager, Wrong Program Manager, Community Section Manager, Program Manager Program Manager, Program Manager Administrator, Systems Analyst, Political Water Technology Assistant.

How to register

Click below to download the application or visit www.ow.Gov.Pk

The application should be signed and future documents should be obtained

Vita Curriculum

Photo of recent passport

The print name should appear in the upper right corner of the envelope.

Incomplete or received applications will not be accepted after the due date.

Applicants who are already in the public service should apply as appropriate.

Shortlist of Candidates Candidate should provide their original documents.

The information in the application form will be confirmed by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Only suitable candidates for the examination / interview will be mentioned.

You will not be given a written test / interview.

Applications must be received by May 26, 2021.

1 Water Resources Special Special Doctorate / Master / BS / BE01

2 Hydro Specialty ert Dr / Master / BS / BE01

3 PhD / Master Project Evaluation Special ert 01

4 Financial Management Special Exp ACA / ACPA / ACMA / ACCA / MBA 01

5 Product Purchasing Special ert 01

6 Special MM & E BSc01

7 MIS Special ert 16 years Education 01

8 BSc Environmental Species ist 01

9 Master's Special Exp 01

10 Director of Academic Management01

11 Degree PA (Series (Water Resources) Officer01

12 Program Officer (Financial Management) BBA 01

13 Senior Program Program Officer (Procurement) BSC 01

14 Program Officer (Project Evaluation) Master01

15 Program Officer (MIS) 16 years Education 01

16 Program Officer (Community Section) Master 01

17 Program Officer (Management and Coordinating) BS 01

18 Degree Program Officer01

19 Degree Systems Analyst01

20 BSc Water Technology Connection Policy01


Ministry of Water Resources Moore Islamabad
Ministry of Water Resources Moore Islamabad

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