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Monday, April 5, 2021

Raqas e Bsimil Episode 16 HUM TV Drama

 Raqas e Bsimil Episode 16 HUM TV Drama

What happen in the latest episode of Drama Serial Raqas Bismil, The 16 episode of this drama serial will be more entertaining. As in the last episode you will see that Touqeer Balouch making a plan to kill her wife Laiala , but suddenly Mosa Came in and beat the Touqeer balouch, Touqeer is much angry on Mosa and he wants to take revenge on Mosa, He talked to his Personal Assistant to handle the Mosa, PA of Touqeer Balocuh tell him that Mosa is a very dangerous Man, He were arrested in attempting murder case of 3 Young Boys. You should be careful to Mosa. On the other hand when Mosa beat the Touqeer Balouch his Wife Laila said to Mosa that he is Husband of Laila, Mosa was very disappointed. How this is possible? Liala Madam is a  good lady but Touqeer Balocuh is not a good man. How they marry each other.

Raqas e Bsimil Episode 16 HUM TV Drama

Now what will happen next in the Drama in Episode 16 of Raqas Bismil, Touqeer Balocuh attacked on his Wife Laila but this attempt was failed as Mosa handle the situation. Liala was very worried and thinking who is going to kill me. Mosa said to Laila don’t be panic and don’t worry i am there. Lets go to Mazar where you get rid of all of your tension Laila finally agreed with Mosa and they travelling toward to the Mazar. On Mazar a huge amout of people come also the Father of Mosa is present in this Mazar. He saw the Mosa with Laila and he is very angry on Moosa and felled ashmedful what Mosa did.

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