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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

National Highway Authority NHA Internship Training Program 2021

On the website Www.Nha.Gov.Pk we submit the application form for the Nha internship 2021 Download | The National Highway Authority has announced a training program for young and energetic people from across Pakistan to enable students to gain skills in the relevant field they have graduated from.

Application form for NHA internship 2021

The Nha 2021 Honorary Youth Internship Training Program will be announced immediately upon permission from Prime Minister Imran Khan as its purpose is to promote youth in all fields. To this end, the Nlc 2021 internship was also announced and now, after this Nha 2021 internship, it is available for Pakistani students studying in public / private institutes / universities. If you would like to have a job at the National Highway Authority, I.H. 2021 in Traffic Police, please visit our website Www.Pakistanjobs.Net for the latest jobs in Pakistan.

National Highway Authority Internship Program 2021

Apply online for the internship application form Nha 2021 Download | Www.Nha.Gov.Pk For The National Highway Authority 2021 NHA Internship Program as directed by Pm 2021 Youth Internship Program in March 2021. Students from all over Pakistan have completed the following programs mentioned in the announcement below and are eligible to apply for A 2021 Nha Internship Program which will last three months in various Nha projects in Pakistan. Students from all over Pakistan should apply using the online Nha internship application form at Www.Nha.Gov.Pk/Career. Once you have completed the online application form, print it and send it with the certified documents to the following address before the deadline for submission. April 2021.

Why apply for the NHA National Highway Internship Training Program:

The Nha Internship Program is specifically advertised for students who have completed their education and have no work experience and have been selected for the Nha Training Program so that they can work under the supervision of a professional team. This would help them improve. Your skills. All the selected people have the opportunity to work on the various Nha projects which are being carried out in different cities of Pakistan. The fundamental objective of the Nha internship is to enable young people to perform well in the public and private sectors.

Download NHA 2021 Application Form | Www.Nha.Gov.Pk.

Admission Criteria for the National Highway Authority 2021 NHA Training Program

Students who have completed the following programs in public / private colleges / universities are eligible to apply. You can find a list of titles below.

Duration of the internship on the national highway NHA paid internship:

The Nha internship program lasts three months and all successful applicants can work with Nha professionals on various projects for one month. After completing the internship program, qualified interns receive a certificate from ASN headquarters.

NHA monthly salary:

The Nha internship pays a monthly fee of Rs 20,000 / - to individuals who have earned a degree and 10,000 / - per month to applicants who have completed the degrees defined above.

2021 NHA Paid Internship Program

NHA National Highway Authority 2021 Paid Internship Program, NHA announces the 2021 Graduate and Undergraduate Internship Program.

NHA also offers paid internships to degree holders.

The NHA internship lasts 3 months and a PKR scholarship: 20,000 per month is paid to holders of a university degree, while holders of a diploma receive a PKR scholarship: 10,000 / - per month.

How to apply for an NHA 2021 internship on national highways:

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements should submit their application online on the Nha website: Www.Nha.Gov.Pk/Career.

After completing the online application form, take a copy, sign it and submit it with the certified documents, that is. H. Cnic, diploma, residency and final file, at Cell Hrd Nha, headquarters and detailed address.

The final submission date of the Nha 2021 internship application form is April 19, 2021.

Only the right candidates are invited for an interview.

National Highway Authority NHA Internship Training Program 2021

National Highway Authority NHA Internship Training Program 2021

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